How to approach a snoring situation with your new lover?


Today, we are going to talk with Dr. Lemire and Maggy Miller about an issue that a lot of women are facing when moving with a new lover.

Announcer: What is the biggest fear for women to talk about snoring issues?

Dr Lemire: Most women are scared that it could start a relationship on the wrong foot and unfortunately most of the time they prefer to stay silence. However, communication is really important in couple and good communication habit should start right from the first day. The master bedroom is a sanctuary for a couple and should be a resting and a loving place for both partner.

Announcer: Let’s go on the phone and talk with our today’s guest. Welcome on the show Maggy, please explain your issues to Dr. Lemires.

Maggy: OMG! Seriously! I just moved in with my boyfriend and, WOW, he has a snoring issue. Like seriously, I’ve had a few boyfriends but I have never experienced anything like this before. It keeps me up all night, and every night. If I knew it was this bad I would have never move that quick with him before putting the subject on the table…

Dr. Lemire: Maggy, you have to talk to him. Is he aware of his snoring problems?

Maggy: I don’t think so. He sleeps like a rock, even if I kept pushing him throughout the night, nothing worked. I don’t know what to do. With us just signing a new lease and all, I had to make it work. But, I did some research by myself and I found some solutions but I am too scare to talk to him about it.

Dr. Lemire: There is quiet a few solutions for you out there, but I would suggest you look into buying an Anti snoring Mouthpiece and read the Help Guide that I provide to my patient. You can find more information on my website and read my Zquiet Review. I truly believe that If you do your research first, buy the mouthpiece, and adopt the subject with confident your men would not sees it as an attach. He would show him that you care and that you already took time to do research and are committed to find solution to help your relationship.

Maggy: An Anti snoring Mouthpiece? That sounds perfect, it is not too expensive, does not involve him having to go to the doctor and it is easy for me to order. Thanks Dr. Lemire!
Dr. Lemire: Snoring issues and sleep apnea a real problems that deserve attention and should not be considered as a taboo subject. The best things to do women is to get educate and prepare your speech so you men will understand where you are coming from and the conversation will be easier.
Announcer: Thank you Dr. Lemire for your precious advices and Thank you Maggy for being our guest. We all appreciate your courage and we wish you good luck with your boyfriend snoring issues.

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Local Man goes makes $250, 000 pa using online Drop Shipping

Steve Right local business man goes from having Debt collectors knocking on his door to an Annual profit of $250,000 in 24 months.

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Today we interview Local business sensation Steve Right, to find out the finer points on how you can start an online business and escape your 9- 5 work grind and work from anywhere around the world.
Local business man and entrepreneur Steve Right has discovered an online internet business model that he believes anyone with a computer can implement and today he shares with us a few tips and tricks in this 2 part interview.
Announcer: So Steve Welcome to the show. Please tell us about yourself and what inspired you to achieve such great things in a short period of time

Steve right: Thanks for having me on the show, it really means a lot to be able to share my story with my local community. Ok, I’ll get straight into it. About 3 years ago I was in what a call traditional business selling auto parts to locals in the region; I can say that business was hard very hard even tho I had very loyal and great support from the locals business was just getting harder and harder, especially with the mining boom collapse, I started have debt collectors calling. It wasn’t good.
It’s a funny story and I will keep it short I went away to a concert and I just happened to run into a very old friend, I hadn’t seen since high school. We just had drifted apart and never kept in contact.
Anyway he told me how he was making a living from the internet, I immediate though it’s not a MLM scheme, and I wouldn’t be interested. BUT NO..
He had been making money using a Dropshipping business model. Once he explained the business model and the face that I didn’t have to keep stock my supplier would send direct to my client. I was intrigued, and got back home and jumped straight to work on it.
Announcer: That is awesome, so Steve tell us about your business and how you are now making $250,000 profit and work half the year from Bali and being able to travel and visit us here in Brazil.
Steve Right: Well I was so intrigued about this online business model I went and started conducting research, I finally found an online coaching course and forum that I felt comfortable using up some of my last saving and dived in. It was a very steep learning curve but each day I set myself small achievable goals and each week I started seeing an increase of sales on my new website. That I just feel all the planets aligned for me one day and BOOM! I had learned the foundations and had discovered a way to get people to purchase from my website, each week and each month have seen increases in sales.

Yes, now 2 years later I live half of the year in Bali, spending time with my new born son. I still keep a watchful on my business however I only now dedicate 2 hours a day to it and creating new opportunities. I can say Life is good, real good.

Announcer: Wow that is awesome, so you’re like a real life Tim Ferris? Traveling and working from where you want when you want.
Steve Right: haha well I wouldn’t call myself Tim, but I have read his book and yes have tried to model me business after some of his teachings. I now offer Online coaching and training for how to launch a dropshipping business and live the Dropship lifestyle.

Announcer: Steve has given you at home the chance to win FREE coaching and mentoring with for a Year.
Stay tuned to part 2 to find out how you can win this magnificent prize!

Top 5 Songs That Reference Dogs

We all love dogs. So it’s no wonder they’ve gained a mention in many popular songs. Not all of them are great (ah hem, Who Let the Dogs Out?) But today we made a list of some songs we think sound great and are all to do with man’s best friend.

1. Hound Dog

Did you know that this song has been recorded more than 250 times? The most well known recording of course is of Elvis, the King himself.

2. Dog Days are Over – Florence and the Machine

Lead singer Florence Welch used to see a giant text installment titled “Dog Days Are Over” by artist Ugo Rondinone while riding her bike over Waterloo bridge every day and this was the inspiration for this song.

3. White Knuckles – OK Go

Ok, while we realise this song doesn’t actually mention dogs, you have to see the film clip. It might even inspire you to learn how to teach a dog tricks!

4. I Love My Dog – Cat Stevens

This song was written by Cat Stevens and was in fact his first single. He apparently wrote the song about a dachshund he found tied to a post and when no one claimed it he took it home with him. He of course got attached to the dog and this song is the result.

5. Puppy Love – Paul Anka

Paul Anka wrote this song about a lady named Annette that he was having an affair with during a music tour! But it’s nice to think of cute puppies instead.